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Dude 4 Christ

Hi folks! I'm Daniel Divyakumar. A 22 year-old trying to be what I was meant to be. I'm in the process of completely revamping the entire site. So this is a temporary page I put up. In case y'all wanna access the old site, it's still der - jus click here.

Meanwhile, the two latest songs I've written are:
The Kutty Song
Pronounced "G"

Chk out this vid creation of mine. It's a mash*up of loads of D4C (Dudes 4 Christ) snaps... It's a "Goodbye" video for all of us guys! College life rocked... cos of the Dudes 4 Christ! Keep rockin' fer Christ, bros...

Btw, I'm trying to align all my IDs to the aJCfreak ID. Here's a list of sites where I'm registered:

1. Wikipedia (English) plus my IDs on many of the sister projects of Wikipedia
2. Online Photo album
3. Blogger
4. YouTube!
5. Online storage space on e-Snips