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The shortest biography, ever...


Firstly, the when. When did it all begin? Did it begin before or after my birth? (OK. Jus' kidding) Did it start when I was a kid itself or what? (In case ya didn't know, I still am a kid) Ok. I'll start from the very beginning.
Once upon a time... in a faraway land, there lived a prince. He he he. Guess I can't do without the jokes. Beginning again...

It all began when I was in the VIII standard class. I wrote my first song. It's called "Cling To The Cross". It's pretty neat. Only problem was that it was a church hymn. Sorry, it wasn't even that long. It was, you could say, half a church hymn. But there, I had it. A whole song, with tune et all. And thus began my composing of songs for the benefit of the world.
Of course, none ever knew that I wrote songs. Firstly, because I never told anyone. Secondly, because they couldn't believe it. Like, for example, take my friend Kiran Pio. I told him back in December 2001 that I write songs and he just fell over his seat, laughing. (Thank you, da, I still love ya) So this kind of deterred me from telling anyone.
So now the question arises... why now? Why tell so many people now? Why suddenly open up? I think, the answer for this would lie in the words/meaning of the song "Me". Go look at it. I'm no longer bothered if you fall off your seat laughing or clap me on my back and applaud me. This is something given to me by JC and I'm trying to return it to Him. He be praised.


Secondly, the how. How did I start? How do I still continue? How do I manage to write these songs? How do I get inspired? A hundred-and-one hows. Hope this answers most of them.

My first song, (and most of the other) just came into my head. It's not like I sat down to write a song. The only song, I ever tried to really write for someone is utter crap. I seriously hate it. It's a song I think I tried writing when I was in X Std. So my songs are inspired. How and by whom? Hmmmm.... You see, it works like this. When I'm feeling high or low, my mid just gives me a few words to ponder and a tune along with the words. I sit down and write them out and it becomes a song. My inspiration, I believe, is mah God above (and within) JC. Without His help/guidance/presence, I don't think I can be where I am today. So it's not right to call me a song-writer, although I do write songs. Only, I write songs when I get them. Not because I want to write or anything like that.
For example, my friend Santosh George Cherian asked me once. "Hey, how's your song-writing coming along? Anything new, lately?" And my answer was "No". When he raised an inquisitive eyebrow, all I could reply was by saying that I hadn't got any words/music lately.

So that's the long and short of my song-writing. Just one more thing. If you know me very very well, you'll be able to guess when/why/how I wrote each song. 'Cos each of them are based on incidents in my own life. But nobody knows me that well, except JC. So have fun. :)


Thirdly, the why. The reason behind these songs. The drive, the motivation. What keeps me going?

The most important reason to keep writing whatever songs *pop* into my head, is JC. He's the fuel for my fiery desire. I write to glorify Him. I write to let others know about Him. Actually, till sometime in 2004, I didn't want others to know about all these songs. Thought that I could keep 'em all to myself. Why tell the world? I mean, what's the point? Turthfully speaking, I was mighty embarrassed! I decided that these songs were to be for personal edification. 'Cos however much I try to put away selfish pride, there will always be some nut who comes and puts me up on a pedestal. So that's where I stood.
So why now? What's different? What changed me to let everyone know? Basically, the small fact that I don't want to be HIDING something which God gave me. So I will tell the world. Also because, "Freely, freely, I have received. Freely, freely, give." So there you have it. The whole truth.

About Me

A lil something about me. Most probably, you already know this. Born Daniel Divyakumar (actually born unnamed and then named a few days later.... he he he) way back in 1984, I come from a family of two. Have an elder brother.
I've studied in the Anita Methodist Matriculation & Higher Secondary School till my X Std. Had a nice time there. Many close friends from that place. After that, I shifted to Union Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, where I did my higher secondary. Nice school. Helped me to grow in many ways, spiritually and otherwise. I was in the middke of my B.E. in Mechanical Engineering at the CSI College Of Engineering in the Ketti Valley in Nilgiris (Near Ooty). It's a cool place to study in... And I had the time of my life there. Wouldn't have exchanged it for any other place in the world... atleast, the world as much as I'd seen and heard of, till then. :-) Made quite a few long-lasting friends there.

That actually closed a chapter in my life. A major chapter, wherein the boy stopped trying to be a boy and now was forced to try and be a 'Man'. Currently, am in Bangalore (recently renamed Bengalooru - or has it been done?! Huge confusion over this!!!) working at HP GSCB, which is the support division. I'm enjoying my time now.... Feels like I'm out on my own. Having fun with my bro, actually... I agree that I did have fun in college. But now, it's more like the real thing (if that was the training period!) you could say...........

What else? I think that's about it. I dunno what else to say about me. If anyone wants me to define myself in a single word... get this - I can only say that I'm Dan. That's the only single-word which fully defines me. I'm serious guys, no kidding.