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Welcome to DH JF's page!

(Daniel H. - Jesus Freak)


Hi people..... Certain interesting things for y'all to check out.

You can access my latest songs here. This is the method I thought I'd get the latest content up on to this site without me having to do major changes. This site requires a MAJOR revamp. Been thinking and planning on it... Will do it pretty soon. After I get a broadband connection at my place in Bangalore (Bengalooru now), I guess!

Apart from all of that, something really interesting : I have started blogging. I can almost hear the sighs of half of you going "Et tu brute?" and the rest saying "What?! Only now???" He he he.... Anyways, please do visit it and read it AND comment on it..... @ Human Divination Ya, right. That's the name for the blog...... He he he. Chk it out. You'll understand.

And in case you've not yet connected with me on that wonderful thing called orkut, then I suggest you navigate to this page to find my profile and add me as your friend. On the other hand, if you have not yet signed up on that wonderful thing called orkut, please fire off an email to me and I'll send you an invite.

My very own wallpaper creation "People Over The World" can still be had from here

Now that we've finished the important stuff, on to the formalities which make this site this site...
This page basically details what JC has inspired me to produce, as a song-writer. Please feel free to mail in with your comments. All comment, cribs and criticisms are welcome. Bouquets and brickbats will be treated alike... (Only, the ones who hand in the bouquets or hurl the bricks will be treated differently, each according to his own)

Listed below are some links you can visit to find out more... about me, my songs and the source. Peruse as you wish.
Written quite a lot of songs back in 2004. Dunno why JC's doing this to me, but I'm sure there's a purpose behind all this

Read up, to answer some of those nagging at-the-back-of-your-mind questions about the person behind the songs

Just a simple "Thank You" is never enough, but still, I'm giving it a try. (Hey! I'm trying to be all professional and proper here... You know - the formalities!)

The Olden goldies are finally here... They're not much, but still... Every galaxy has a beginning, every journey has a first step... So too, my song-writing began very humbly

A photos section - to give you a slice of my life
All right... You know what? Forget the "soon" in the coming soon... This looks like it'll take ages. But this is not as bad as when JC said He'd come soon and He's been coming for 2000 years... ;)

This was where I used to have the line "PLEASE write in with ur suggestions... etc etc" but I decided that it should go. Cos point number 1 - I'm not gonna change my songs even if u tell me to. Point two - This site does NOT look as drab as it used to be... Point three - I just wanted to change somethin on the site, ok?

But I'd really love it if you guys could mail me with something... Anything would be fine! You could reach me at my google mail id. My ID is - a jc freak (without the spaces) - at ... :)
Or if you're feeling toooooo lazy to mail me (that would be someone like me!) then you could just click on the link-icon below to send me your feedback. Neat, huh?!

Have a God day and thank you for visiting this site... This site is sponsored by me, me and more me... That's what I love about me... There's SO much of me! Btw, don't forget to give your feedback....

DISCLAIMER : In the event that this site tends to instil some amazement and wonder in the individual perusing this site, the site proprietor will hold the sole responsibility of owning, using and diposing of, if necessary, of any such feelings. The site owners will also sue any individual who trespasses on any private areas of this site, if deemed necessary by the owners. Any cases/lawsuits with regard to this site will only be entertained when it is brought before the court of Heaven. No other court holds jurisdiction over this site. Any and all funny remarks about this site will be laughed at, spontaneously or forcedly, by all parties who are within hearing distance of the remarks. Such parties which do not see it fit to treat such remarks in a jovial manner will be taken to task at the sole discretion of the site supervisor.